Fast GC Capillary Columns Theory



Only good for isothermal analysis, but use as a guide.

There are Two Options

  • Reduce the number of plates – lose resolution, faster analysis times
  • Keep the number of plates constant – maintain resolution, longer run times
  • If Beta and Total Plates are the same – Chromatography can be identical

Conditions to Reduce Analysis Time by a factor of 2 to 3

  • HP 5890 GC
  • FAST SGE Capillary Column
  • Manual Pressure Regulator (30psi max)
  • He Carrier Gas
  • 20Hz FID Data Acquisition
  • 30° C/ min max Oven Program Rate

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GC Column Applications Guide

GC column application guide

The applications guide highlights some common, new and novel performance demonstrations of SGE's GC column technologies. Use them to understand your next analysis or to evaluate your next GC column purchase!