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European customers please note: SGE's UK office relocated on 14 April. For the new address details, please see our Office Locations.

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SilFlow™ - Improve Your GC Connectivity with SGE's stainless steel micro-fluidic platform

SilFlowSilFlow™ is an innovation in design and fabrication resulting in a highly efficient and reliable micro fluidic platform that improves your GC connectivity to enable maximum chromatography performance.

SGE introduces SilFlow™ microchannel device (MCD) 3- and 4- port GC splitters and a Dean's switch MCD, perfect for multidimensional analyses.

SilFlow MCD are chemically inert, have low dead volume, superb operational stability, are easy to install and provide leak free connections.

Click here to download the SilFlow™ brochure and view examples of application configurations.


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