Online Ordering

What happens to my credit card details after I complete my purchase?

All credit card details submitted to SGE are encrypted and stored on a secure server. Details are deleted once a transaction is complete. Further details are available by viewing the security statement.


What happens once I finalize my purchase?

You will automatically be sent an e-mail detailing your purchase and confirming availability and delivery details. No secure information (such as credit card information) will appear in this e-mail.

If you chose to set up an account, a sales representative will contact you at the earliest opportunity to obtain any further information required to set up your account.


Can I order SGE products online that are not listed on the website?

Yes. In the labcart, type in the part number and click the adjacent "Add to Labcart" button. Information on price and availability will be displayed. There is no commitment to purchase the item at this stage.

If you require further information (eg. Part Number) about products, e-mail or contact your nearest office.


How do I set up an account for online ordering?

If you already have an account for phone, fax or internet ordering, you should just enter your customer number or address in the form provided.

If you do not currently have an account with SGE, you can still enter your details into the account form and our customer service staff will contact you to set up an account.


Why can't I see the prices or put anything into my labcart? I just get an error message saying "The security library has experienced a database error. You will probably be unable to connect to this site securely."

Some versions of Netscape 3 are unable to connect to sites using Secure Socket Layer Technology. If you are using this browser, it is recommended that you upgrade your browser to enable the viewing of secure sites.


Can I see prices in different currencies before buying?

Yes. If multiple currencies are available for your country, you may change the currency in which product and freight prices are charged. All you need to do is change the currency in the labcart page.

You are also able to change the selected country, but upon doing this you may be notified that products have been removed from your labcart because these items have restricted distribution.


Is freight more expensive because I am not ordering direct from my closest office?

No. All orders are dispatched from the warehouse nearest to you, resulting in the same delivery time and freight price as you would get if you had contacted your nearest office directly.


At what stage am I committed to purchasing an item?

You are only obliged to pay for an order when you have clicked the "Confirm Order" button after filling in all of your delivery and invoicing details. Until you reach this stage you may add and remove items in your labcart without any obligation at all.


Do I have to use a credit card to purchase on your web site?

No. While credit card sales are available, you can also set up an account with SGE.


Do I need to enter all my details again if I've previously placed an order online?

The SGE Labcart remembers all customer information between visits except for credit card details. Your information is retained using a "cookie" that is stored as part of the browser software on your computer. If you change computers, the browser that you use, or delete cookies from your browser, then information will be lost since your last visit and you will have to enter it again.


Do I have to provide personal details before viewing price and delivery information?

The only information you need to provide is the country to which goods will be delivered (and currency if there is a choice for that country). No other details are required until you wish to finalize your purchase.