Needle Selection Guide

Various needle tip styles have been developed for a range of applications to satisfy customer preferences. Other styles can be produced on request.

Application / Description Recommended Needle Tip "SGE Code"
GC Autosampler

The cone shape needle has been specifically developed to withstand the multi injection demands of Autosamplers. They are also standard on microvolume and valve syringes.

Cone tip - (Style #1) "C"

Manual GC

A 20° bevel tip is the standard general purpose needle tip style supplied with SGE syringes for manual GC use. This style is designed for optimum septum penetration and prevention of septum coring.

Bevel tip - (Style #2) "BV"

Manual GC

The same as the bevel tip, except a 0.7mm OD reinforcing sheath is silver soldered over the standard needle to within 10mm of the tip. The sheath provides exceptional strength to the needle.

Sheathed/Bevel tip - (Style #4) "T"


HPLC valve injection syringes have 90° square tip needles with chamfered and polished edges to eliminate damage to the valve's rotor seal and stator face. This needle tip is also suitable for the pipetting of liquids.

HPLC needle tip - (Style #3) "LC"

Large Volume Injection

Liquid samples are filled and dispensed through the side hole. The solid domed tip minimizes septum damage.

Side hole domed tip - (Style #5) "H"


This style needle is recommended for use with pre-drilled septa. The tip is rounded and polished to facilitate septum penetration.

Domed tip - (Style #6) "D"