MEPS Online Kit

MEPS Online kit - the SPE solution for your CTC platform         What is in the MEPS Online kit?  

This solution pack provides all the hardware, software and support needed to add online SPE capability to your CTC platform, using the MEPS SPE system.


• 1x 100 μL SGE MEPS syringe

• 1x 250 μL SGE MEPS syringe

• 2 packages of MEPS Development BIN’s – containing one each of C18, C8, C2, Silica and a mixed bed of C8/SCX

• CTC MEPS encoded syringe holder for 100 μL MEPS syringe

• CTC MEPS encoded syringe holder for 250 μL MEPS syringe

• CTC syringe button mount

• MEPS for CTC Analytics Support Guides

- Methods and Applications

- MEPS Macros for the CTC

- MEPS Instruction Videos

• Over 65 pre-set methods spanning Natural Products, Environmental, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals to enable rapid method development, in a variety of matrices; plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, aqueous. 


• Get SPE online fast; includes macros, object manager and holders for easy installation and setup

• Contains over 60 applications in key areas of Pharma, Drugs of Abuse in Urine and Environmental


The MEPS Online kit is the product of collaboration between SGE Analytical Science who developed the MEPS product, CTC Analytics who provide the platform for automation of the MEPS concept, and SciSEP who develop and support the MEPS application on the CTC platform.


The MEPS Online kit can be ordered through SciSep (UK only), or any authorized CTC distributor (all countries except UK).


Note: Existing CTC platforms will require an additional wash station available from your CTC distributor.