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    Capillary/nano HPLC
Select by Instrument    ProteCol™ Capillary Columns
 Agilent Technologies  ProteCol™ Unions
 PerkinElmer    ProteCol™ Accessories
 Shimadzu  ProteCol™ Trap & Guard Accessories
 Thermo Scientific    PEEKSil™ Tubing
Select by Product Type    Electron Multipliers
 Column Selection Guide  GC & LC Multipliers
 ETP Selection Guide    ICP-MS Multipliers
 Syringe Selection Guide    TOF-MS Multipliers
 Needles Selection Guide  Magnetic Sector
 Supplies Selection Guide    Generic Multipliers
 Proteomics Selection Guide    Select by Instrument
Columns   SilFlow™ - micro-fluidic platform
GC Columns  
 Biodiesel GC Column Range
 BPX1   GC Accessories
 BP1 Pona    AirSharp™ Spare Parts
 BP5    Cryogenic Trap
 BP5MS  Unitrex™ Spare Parts
 BPX5    Electron Multipliers (ETP)
 HT5    Pyrojector II™ Spare Parts
 HT8    gc-BackFlush Spare Parts
 BPX35    ms NoVent™ Spare Parts
 BPX608    ms-OpenSplit Spare Parts
 BPX50    Mutidimensional Analysis
 BPX70    Olfactory Detector (ODO II™) Spare Parts
 Solgel WAX  
 BP20 (WAX)   GC & HPLC Supplies 
 BP21 (FFAP)   GC Supplies 
 BP10 (1701)    Capillary Column Splitters
 BPX VOLATILES    Capillary Column Tools
 BP624    Ferrules
 CYDEX-B    Gas and Vapor Sampler
     Gas Purifiers
 GC Column Locator    Micro Control Valves
 Column Connectors
ProteCol™ HPLC Columns    Inlet Liners
 ProteCol™ Guard Columns  Septa
Syringes    Unions and Nuts
 GC Autosampler Syringes   HPLC Supplies
 HPLC Autosampler Syringes    Electrophoresis Tubing
 Manual Syringes    Fittings, Unions and Couplers
 eVol® hand-held automated analytical syringe    Stainless Steel Tubing
 Diluter/Dispenser Syringes    PEEKsil™ Injection Loops
 Replacement CTC PAL-XT Syringes    PEEKsil™ Tubing
 Syringes with Valves    PEEKTite™ Ti-Lok EXP UHPLC Fittings
 Special Purpose & Biotechnology Syringes    MyCapLC Kit
 Syringe Accessories    ProteCol® BioInert UHPLC Column Hardware
 Replacement Guide  
 Replacement Needle Locator
 Replacement Plungers  
 Replacement Needles
 0.5uL - 100mL Manual Syringe Selector    MEPS®

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Colour Coded GC liners


FingerTite in GC oven




SilTite™ FingerTite is the next generation ferrule system for gas chromatography systems delivering an easy, leak free installation for capillary columns without the use of any tools.