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Columns    GC and HPLC supplies 
GC columns    GC supplies 
 Biodiesel GC column range    Capillary column tools
 BP1    Capillary column splitters
 SolGel-1ms    Ferrules
 BPX1    Gas and vapor sampler
 BP1 PONA    Gas filters
 BP5    Micro control valves
 BP5MS    Column connectors
 BPX5    Inlet liners
 HT5    Septa
 HT8    Tubing
 BPX35    Unions and nuts
 BPX50   SilFlow® microfluidic platform
 BPX90   HPLC supplies
 SolGel-WAX    Electrophoresis tubing
 BP20 (WAX)    Fittings, unions and couplers
 BP21 (FFAP)    Stainless steel tubing
 BP10 (1701)    PEEKsil injection loops
 BPX-Volatiles    PEEKsil tubing
 GC column locator    
ProteCol® HPLC Columns   HPLC hardware
 ProteCol guard columns    ProteCol bio-inert UHPLC column hardware
 ProteCol capillary columns    
 ProteCol unions   HPLC kits
 ProteCol accessories    MyCapLC kit
 ProteCol trap and guard accessories    
Syringes    MEPS®
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 eVol® hand-held digital analytical syringe    
 Diluter/dispenser syringes    
 Replacement CTC PAL-XT syringes    
 Syringes with valves    
 Special purpose and biotechnology syringes    
 Syringe accessories    
 Replacement guide  
 Replacement needle locator    
 Replacement plungers    
 Replacement needles    
 0.5 µL - 100 mL manual syringe selector    

About Trajan


FingerTite in GC oven




SilTite™ FingerTite is the next generation ferrule system for gas chromatography systems delivering an easy, leak free installation for capillary columns without the use of any tools.