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GC Capillary Column Connectors - SilTite® μ-Union

This tiny connection will make a big difference to your chromatography!SilTite™ μ-Union

• Low thermal mass - 9 mm in length and mass <0.5 g.
• Zero dead volume - Giving you optimized peak shapes
• FingerTite technology - Ensures it’s easy to install and leak free
• Inert - Enabled by SGE’s expertise in surface chemistry, features chemically deactivated stainless steel ferrules alleviating active sites
• Robust - Stable for both extreme temperature and pressure cycling
• Flexible - Whether it’s fitting a pre-column, or working with GC x GC

Packs contain 2 unions, 5 double taper ferrules, and the necessary tools for installation.  Click here for more information.


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