The FocusLiner™


Whether to use quartz wool


  • Increases surface area for vaporization
  • Collects non-residue material from dirty samples
  • Wipes the sample from needle tip
  • Disadvantages

    Decreased inertness for very active compounds


    The FocusLiner™


    • Wipes the sample from the tip of the needle for complete transfer
    • Gives accurate and reproducible results
    • Performs well in split or splitless mode
    • Promotes vaporization of sample
    • Minimizes Mass Discrimination
    • Prevents non-volatile material entering the column (acts as a filter)


    Not suitable for extremely active compounds


    Conventional Quartz Wool Plug Liners

    a) Quartz wool plug is in the correct position to wipe needle tip

    b) Quartz wool plugs can be moved in either direction, preventing the needle wiping or sample vaporization process


    The FocusLiner™

    Two tapered sections

    a) Secure wool plug. The two glass baffles secure the positon of the glass wool preventing shifting in either direction.

    b) Positioned correctly to ensure wiping of the sample off the end of the syringe needle and ensuring good reproducibility.


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    The tool also includes a handy Vapor Volume Calculator that checks if you are injecting too much for a particular liner.  It can help you avoid the ghost peaks, injector contamination, and quantitation errors associated with Flashback.