Advantages / Disadvantages of Fast GC

Advantages / Disadvantages of Fast GC


Advantages of FAST GC

  • Shorter run times
  • Greater sample throughput
  • Cheaper columns
  • Higher signal to noise ratio
  • Lower bleed (thinner films)

Disadvantages of FAST GC

  • Difficult to use for conventional GC/ MS
  • Easy to overload the phase (less sample capacity)
  • Careful attention required for splitless injections
  • Conventional Van Deemter curves don’t apply (high pressure drop)
 Methods for Faster Analysis
  • Shorter columns
  • Higher Velocities
  • Temperature Program Rates
  • Pressure Programming
  • Vacuum Outlet
  • Selectivity
  • Narrow Bore Columns
  • Carrier Gas Selection
  • Turbulent Flow

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