FAST GC Analysis

FAST GC Capillary Columns 

What is a FAST GC column?

A FAST GC column has a much smaller internal diameter than a standard GC column. It is also much shorter and more flexible.

Standard column:
30m x 0.25mm ID, 0.25um film thickness

Fast column:
10m x 0.1mm ID, 0.1um film thickness


  • Fast GC – run times in 5- 10 minutes
  • Very Fast GC – run times in a few minutes
  • Ultra Fast GC – run times less than one minute (usually several seconds)

Faster analysis can be achieved in any of the following ways

  • A fully optimized separation
  • A non-optimized separation
  • All peaks are equally important
  • Only a small number of peaks are important

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GC Column Applications Guide

GC column application guide

The applications guide highlights some common, new and novel performance demonstrations of SGE's GC column technologies. Use them to understand your next analysis or to evaluate your next GC column purchase!