Capillary Columns and Air

Capillary Columns and Air

Depending on the solute analysed, the effects of air oxidation of a column is generally observed first as either an:

1. Increase in column bleed levels
2. Increase in column activity

How Air Can Get Into Your System

  • loss of carrier flow
  • leaking gas system
  • inexperienced operators
  • cylinder changeover
  • large air injections
Effect on a 5% Phenyl polysiloxane- silphenylene column using AIR as a carrier gas  
 Capillary Columns and Air  
Phase: BPX5, 0.25um
Column: 12m x 0.22mm ID
1. Decane
2. 4-Chlorophenol
3. Decylamine
4. Undecanol
5. Biphenyl
6. Pentadecane

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