BPX5 vs BPX50

Confirmation Columns

  • Ideally columns will have different functionality in stationary phase
  • Have different relative retention between peaks of interest
  • Give adequate resolution of all solutes under the same experimental conditions
  • BEST RESULTS are shown when elution order changes between columns

BPX5 and BPX50 Phase Comparisons

  BPX5 BPX50


  5% Phenyl polysilphenylene- siloxane

50% Phenyl Polysilphenylene- siloxane


0.25 - 1.0 µm
-40ºC to 360ºC/ 370ºC

>1.0 µm
-40ºC to 350ºC/ 360ºC

0.1-1 µm
80°C to 330/350°C

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