Problem Area 2 - The Column


Problem Area 2 - The Column

  • Do not heat until purged with oxygen- free gas (10 volumes)
  • Always note injector and detector ends
  • Always cut end of column after passing through ferrule
  • Consider column dimensions and phase
  • Consider the use of pre- column
  • Set correct flow rate using linear carrier gas velocity
  • Do not overheat column unnecessarily
  • Use good quality ferrules and change as needed
  • Support the column cage in the oven

Things that can deteriorate your column

  • Very large volume injections
  • Dirty samples
  • Very acidic / basic samples
  • Poor gas management
  • Overheating

Restoring your Column

  • Remove 50 cm to one metre from the injector end of the column
  • Turn the column around and re-condition it
  • Wash the column

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