SGE’s High Five – GC Column Range

SGE’s High Five – GC Column Range.SGE's High Fice GC Column Range


•    The complete polysilphenylene and polycarborane GC column range
•    BP5MS optimized silphenylene column
•    Five selectivities to suit a range of analyses

Each of the SGE High Five columns has subtly different selectivity giving you the ability to modify your method without significant changes to established conditions, elution order or run times, to achieve resolution of co-eluting peaks.


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5% Phenyl Methylpolysiloxane

  BP5 A general purpose phase with excellent high temperature characteristics. Popular column range used for a wide variety of applications.

Optimized Silphenylene content for general purpose MS analyses. Perfect for your 5% MS analysis.  Non polar, 5% equivalence. Low bleed, great inertness.


5% Phenyl Polysilphenylene-siloxane

  BPX5 MS-Premium, low bleed column range with a maximum temperature up to 370°C. Suitable for trace analysis of pesticides, drugs, hydrocarbons and phenols. The BPX5 phase has been designed for robustness and is suitable for over 80% of all routine analyses performed by chromatographers.

5% Phenyl Polycarborane-siloxane

  HT5 Unique high temperature phase suited for simulated distillation and other petroleum applications. This column is the highest temperature column available with a maximum temperature up to 480°C.

8% Phenyl Polycarborane-siloxane

  HT8 Unique high temperature phase suited for the analysis of PolyChlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) congeners. The unique polarity of this phase gives excellent separation of PCB congeners.

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