Syringe Selection Guide

By usage  
Manual Autosampler

By termination  
Fixed Needle (SGE Code 'F') Removable Needle (SGE Code 'R')


  • Economical
  • Autosampler
  • One syringe – one method
  • Sample < 70°C
  • Inexperienced users
  • One syringe – many methods
  • Sample < 120°C
  • Corrosive samples 
Luer Lock (SGE Code 'LL') Luer Tip (SGE Code 'LT')
  • Luer Lock needles and fittings
  • Syringe filters
  • Pump priming


  • Luer Lock needles and fittings
  • Pump priming

By volume  
Plunger- in- Barrel Plunger- in- Needle (SGE Code 'B')


  • Volumes ≥ 5µL 

  • Volumes ≤ 5µL (capillary column applications)

By plunger  
Standard Plunger Gas Tight — PTFE Tipped (SGE Code 'GT')

  • Non-replaceable Plunger

  • Replaceable Plunger
  • Dirty samples
  • Easy to remove and clean plunger
  • Gas or headspace

By ruggedness  
Guided Plunger (SGE Code 'GP') Plunger Protection

  • Robust
  • Rugged (student or tech) use
  • Used for a variety of applications

  • Prevents Plunger Bending
  • Extends syringe lifetime