Olfactory Detector (ODO II) Spare Parts

Please note: SGE has made the decision to discontinue the manufacture of the Olfactory Detector Outlet (ODO II)™, effective December 31, 2011.  Technical support, and some replacement parts, will be available until December 31, 2017.

ODO-II transfer line



 Olfactory Detector Outlet 

  • Identify components by odor or fragrance
  • Ideal for cosmetics, flavors and fragrance industries

The Olfactory Detector Outlet is designed to take the outlet stream from a gas chromatograph and transfer it to a nose cone in which it is mixed with a humidified air stream, allowing the operator to use their nose to identify individual components as they elute from the column.  The capillary column flow is simultaneously split to an MS detector (or other detector) for the identification of unkown compounds.

The Olfactory Detector Outlet System contains a glass nose cone, detector transfer tube, humidifier, gas control module, splitter kit and all accessories required for installation.

For further details, contact your nearest SGE office.