Biodiesel GC Column Range

BPX-BIOD GC Capillary Columns

SGE has evaluated each ASTM and EN biodiesel method to demonstrate the suitability of BPX‑BIOD GC columns to achieve optimal separation.

Each BPX-BIOD GC column is tested at the maximum operating temperature for the column, and specific tests are undertaken to ensure the column meets inertness specifications and separation performance. This means you can be confident of a reliable separation, column after column.

Please refer to the table below and method library on pages 6 -14 of the Biodiesel Analysis Toolkit to find the best high temperature column for your biodiesel analysis.

Columns for ASTM D6584

Part no. Description Length
0541180SG53 BPX-BIOD6584 with guard column 10 0.32 0.1
0541181SG53 BPX-BIOD6584 with guard column 15 0.32 0.1
054640 HT5 with guard column 12 0.32 0.1

Biodiesel Analysis Toolkit


This guide has been created as a resource for Biodiesel analysis.  Inside you will find method information, products and solutions designed to ensure you can effectively and reliably complete fuels testing according to either ASTM International or European National (EN) methods.

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