Discontinued Products


Guard Cartridge Installation Procedure

μ-Flowmeter™ Instructions

ProteCol Flow Splitter Instruction Manual

ODO-II Olfactory Detector Installation & Operating Instructions

Heated Syringe Cleaner Instructions

Column Flow Splitter (MS to FID) - Instruction Manual

Multidimensional Capillary GC System for Agilent Technologies 6890 GC - Installation and Operation Manual

AirSharp Installation Manual

AirSharp Operating Manual

gc-BackFlush System - Instruction Manual

ms NoVent II - Installation and Operating Instructions

ms NoVent I - Installation and Operating Instructions

Pyrojector II™ - Installation and Operating Manual

MSVT4 Micro Needle On/Off Valves 

MDS2000 Multidimensional Capillary GC System Installation and Operating Instructions

OSS-1 Outlet Splitter System

CHIS Absorption Tubes Packing Instructions

Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap System CTS-LN (Part No. 093345) Instructions

Capillary Conversion System CCS-4/NC & CCS-05/NC

The Open-Split Capillary Interface (Part Number 113532)

Concentrator/Headspace Injector (CHIS) Installation and operation Instructions (as a kit or when used with control module)

CHIS Tube Conditioning Accessory Instructions

Older style HPLC columns - prior to July 2009

Adaptor Kit for connecting fused silica capillaries to SGE micro needle valves with 1/16" ports

SealTight™ Valves - Instruction Manual

Solid Sampling Kit for the SGE Pyrojector II

OSS-2 Outlet Splitter System

VSOS Capillary Outlet Splitter

Inlet Splitter (VSIS-2/-3/-5)

Old Style Gas Purifier Instructions

MOV-1 and MOVT-1 On/off Valves & MCV-1 and MCVT-1 Metering Control Valves

How to use Retention Gap Kits RGK-1, and RGK-2

How to assemble your Capillary Washing Reservoir