Discontinued Products


Column Flow Splitter (MS to FID)

High Energy Dynode Detector for Ion Traps and Quadrupoles

Active Film Multiplier for the PerkinElmer QMass Mass Spectrometer

Guard Cartridge Installation Procedure

μ-Flowmeter™ Instructions

ProteCol Flow Splitter Instruction Manual

Installation and Operation of 14121D2 and 14121HD2 Active Film Multipliers

Installing and Operating the 14130 and 14130D2 Active Film Multipliers

Installing the 14570 Detector in an Elan 5000 (serial #<147)

DM133B Detector for RGA Applications with Incorporated Faraday Cup Support

DM274 Miniature Ion Counting Multiplier for Detector Array Applications

Models 14520 and 14521 for General Quadrupole Analogue applications

Active Film Multiplier for the Finnigan ITD Ion Trap GC-MS

ODO-II Olfactory Detector Installation & Operating Instructions

Installation and Operation of 14122 and 14122H Active Film Multipliers

Active Film Multiplier for the Agilent Technologies (HP) 598x series MS Positive Ions Only

Active Film Multiplier for the Agilent Technologies (HP) 598x series MS Positive and Negative Ions Only

Active Film Multiplier for the Agilent Technologies (HP) 5989 MS Engine) Mass Spectrometer

Installing the 14561 Active Film Multipliers (Sciex/PE-Sciex ELAN 500)

Heated Syringe Cleaner Instructions

Column Flow Splitter (MS to FID) - Instruction Manual

Multidimensional Capillary GC System for Agilent Technologies 6890 GC - Installation and Operation Manual

AirSharp Installation Manual

AirSharp Operating Manual

gc-BackFlush System - Instruction Manual

ms NoVent II - Installation and Operating Instructions

ms NoVent I - Installation and Operating Instructions

Pyrojector II™ - Installation and Operating Manual

MSVT4 Micro Needle On/Off Valves 

MDS2000 Multidimensional Capillary GC System Installation and Operating Instructions

OSS-1 Outlet Splitter System

CHIS Absorption Tubes Packing Instructions

Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap System CTS-LN (Part No. 093345) Instructions

Capillary Conversion System CCS-4/NC & CCS-05/NC

The Open-Split Capillary Interface (Part Number 113532)

Concentrator/Headspace Injector (CHIS) Installation and operation Instructions (as a kit or when used with control module)

CHIS Tube Conditioning Accessory Instructions

Older style HPLC columns - prior to July 2009

Adaptor Kit for connecting fused silica capillaries to SGE micro needle valves with 1/16" ports

SealTight™ Valves - Instruction Manual

Solid Sampling Kit for the SGE Pyrojector II

OSS-2 Outlet Splitter System

VSOS Capillary Outlet Splitter

Inlet Splitter (VSIS-2/-3/-5)

Old Style Gas Purifier Instructions

MOV-1 and MOVT-1 On/off Valves & MCV-1 and MCVT-1 Metering Control Valves

How to use Retention Gap Kits RGK-1, and RGK-2

How to assemble your Capillary Washing Reservoir