Capillary GC Column Technical Articles


A Tentative Authentication of Parma Dry-Cured Ham using Stable Isotope Ratio Analyses Volatile Compounds and Fatty Acids Profile

Structure-retention Relationships for Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons on Different GC Phases

Comparison of Geranium Oils on a SolGel-WAX GC Column

HT-8: The Perfect PCB GC Column

Sol-Gel Technology for Gas Chromatographic Columns

How to Choose a GC Capillary Column

Useful Tips for GC Column Installation and Injection

The Importance of Low Bleed GC Columns for GC-MS

BPX5 - The Universal Capillary GC Column

Fast GC for TPH Analysis

Making Sense of GC Flow Calculations - Part 1

Making Sense of GC Flow Calculations - Part 2

Which Beef has the Best Nutritional Value? BPX70 FAME GC Columns

BPX70 FAME GC Columns: Pork - A Favourable Lipid Profile!

Analysis of Soils for Pollutants

Unravel FAMES - Using ECL numbers and a 70% Biscyanopropyl Capillary GC Column

FAME Analysis - BPX70 : A Customer's Testimonial

PAH Analysis by GC

Capillary Anorexia or ... Yes, you can be too thin!

Fast PCB Screening Using SGE's HT8 Phase

Resolving Pesticides - Analysis and Confirmation of Organochorine, Nitrogen & Phosphorous Pesticides by GC and GC-MS

How to Improve your GC-MS Analysis

Market Focused (Environmental) - Analysis of Volatile Compounds on Various GC Column Phases

Market Focused (Environmental) - Pyrethroid Analysis

Market Focused (Environmental) - Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons US EPA Methods 525, 8100 and 8270

Market Focused (Environmental) - Organophosphorous Pesticides US EPA 8141 Method

Market Focused (Environmental) - Organochlorine Pesticides US EPA 8081A Method

Pyrethroid Analysis Made Easy

GC Columns Applications Guide

The applications guide highlights some common, new and novel performance demonstrations of SGE's GC column technologies. Use them to understand your next analysis or to evaluate your next GC column purchase!

Biodiesel Analysis Toolkit


This guide has been created as a resource for Biodiesel analysis.  Inside you will find method information, products and solutions designed to ensure you can effectively and reliably complete fuels testing according to either ASTM International or European National (EN) methods.